12th Annual Borland Conference - July 21-25, 2001 - Long Beach, California
BorChronicle - Monday Edition  

Dale Fuller

Dale Fuller Announces Winners of BorCon 2001 Awards
Every year, Borland president and CEO Dale Fuller takes a few moments during the opening keynote address to honor companies and individuals whose notable achievements exemplify software development at its finest. This year's winners are truly noteworthy.

The Customer Application of the Year Award is given to a company or individual who builds an innovative application that is used internally or sold to others. This year's winner is Enron Corp., which developed EnronOnline, a Web-based global transaction system for e-commerce. The application allows customers to view real-time process and execute transactions instantly for more than 1,800 commodity products. Since November 1999 EnronOnline users have conducted more than 1 million transactions with a value of $670 billion. Currently, the software handles an average of $3 billion in transactions per day, making it the largest Web-based e-commerce platform in the world. EnronOnline uses Delphi in the browser-based client and JBuilder for middle-tier business logic.

As a runner-up in the Customer Application of the Year competition, honors go to the U.S. Department of Labor's Oasis, an imaging system - with zero tolerance for data loss - that processes 5 million documents per year, amounting to three terabytes of data annually. Any document associated with a claim should be retrieved and ready for viewing within 10 seconds. And the system must be so reliable that hard-copy source material can be destroyed. The application, which was written in Delphi with Application Server and Informix components, has been distributed across 14 deployment locations across the United States. Special congratulations to Delphi programmer Richard Maley, who wrote 20 Delphi-based client apps for the system.

2001's Learning Partner of the Year is the DSW Group. DSW is one of Borland's oldest and most loyal partners. The company has trained technical professionals for more than 13 years. DSW has several certified Borland instructors on staff and the company has developed both courseware and a train-the-trainer class for Borland. Course offerings include classes on Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, and Kylix.

Pillar Technologies' Eric Whipple took the honors as 2001's Trainer of the Year. Eric has taught Borland tools and development environments all over the world. He has taken part in the Kylix/Delphi Seminar-in-a-Box series. And he is a certified trainer for JBuilder and Delphi.

The Solution Partner of the Year for 2001 is Modus Operandi Inc., publisher of the Catalyst framework. Built with JBuilder and VisiBroker, Catalyst helps developers link information from disparate hardware, applications, and operating systems, resulting in a composite, individualized, Web-based view of information without the need to acquire new hardware and software platforms. Modus Operandi's customers include the U.S. Navy, Cape Canaveral Space Launch Operations, Florida Power & Light, and Perot Systems.

Congratulations to all the winners!